Sky High Video Productions

Vermont South VIC 3133

Ph: 0418 367 100

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Sky High Video Productions started out as a hobby taking videos as a freefall cameraman. At the time there were very few camera people taking the footage and even less in the way of skydiving promotional tapes for prospective students. So Sky High Video Productions was formed to produce promotional video tapes for Airsports Skydivers in the early 1990's.

The first couple of promo tapes were edited using domestic video recorders and the results were pretty ordinary. Then contact was made with Yarra Valley Film and Television Studios and the current tape was assembled using retired professional video equipment (Hiband U-matic video players that had been disposed of my the television studios to make room for 1" and Betacam).

Sky High Video Productions has now gone digital. With advances in hardware, it is now possible to edit videos on a standard PC. Because all existing footage is analogue, the Pinnacle Systems DC30 capture/playback card was chosen for it's quality.

Now it is possible to easily combine slides, photos, bitmaps, custom animation, titles and video for a variety of media including apart from conventional video. Currently experimenting with different compression techniques to produce AVI and media streaming files as well as Video CDs.

Unfortunately, I have not done any skydiving for many years now but am still using the domain name for my email
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